Music is a magical gift we must nourish and cultivate ourselves and in our children; a gift which keeps on giving throughout our lifetime. Our advanced elective course (Voice Gym), provides a unique opportunity for students anywhere in the world to learn from the convenience of their home. This courses will help you to develop your performance skills and become a better musician.

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Anyone who has an interest and passion to learn music and is above the age of 6 years. 



Pitch also known as Shruthi is the foundation for music and is an important aspect for learners and performers. This is what keeps all the musicians in sync while performing and provides a delightful experience for the audience to listen. …  

Topics covered:
  • Introduction to Shruti
  • Singing Sa Pa Sa
  • Octaves or Sthayis
  • Singing in Different Pitches

Students enrolling to Voice Gym1 would be asked to submit an assessment to satisfy the pre-requisite for this course The pre-requisites are:
1. Basic knowledge of Swaras
2. Ability to sing with Tanpura. Students are required to have a Shruti Box or a Tanpura software. 
3.  Tanpura softwares like iTanpura or iTablaPro or any other software. 

Students will be eligible to take this course if they qualify the requirements based on the prerequisite submitted.



Building and maintaining a budding or experienced singer's voice is akin to maintaining the wellness of their body. This course works on teaching the basic functioning and mechanics of voice production and using a singer’s voice to its optimal…  

Topics covered:
  • Learning about voice production
  • Learning to do deep breathing
  • Learning to sing from the abdomen
  • Learning warm up exercises
  • Learning about parameters of voice
  • Modulation exercises
  • Learning to sing with better breath control

Students are required to complete Voice Gym 1 before enrolling for this course


This course is for singers who have already completed AE761 (Voice Gym). It is also for intermediate to advanced level singers and vocal performers who are looking to enhance their skills. This course centers around relaxed control of voice, leading…  

Topics covered:
  • Prepare the voice for powerful and flexible singing
  • Develop ability to sing with greater ease
  • Learn to sing in head voice
  • Strengthen the already acquired head voice
  • Shift easily from head voice to chest voice and from chest to head voice
  • Generate vocal power
  • Sing with mouth resonance
  • Learning vibrato
  • Singing briga or murki
  • Singing gamakas or gamaks
  • Learn yodeling as a vocal technique
  • Applying all techniques learned

Students are required to complete Voice Gym 1 and 2 before enrolling for this course


In this course student will be introduced to different aspects of Rhythm, understanding songs in different beat patterns, introduction to what a raga is, and a few compositions composed in the same raga in classical and film music.  Student wil…  

Topics covered:
  • Warm up
  • Rhytm and Beat Patterns
  • Beat Patterns of three
  • Beat Patterns of five
  • Beat Patterns of seven
  • On Beat
  • Before Beat
  • After Beat
  • Introduction to Light Classical
  • Introduction to Semi-classical Genre
  • Introduction to Folk Music

Students are required to complete Voice Gym 1, 2 and 3 before enrolling for this course


In this course students will learn to perfect  pitching, usage of notes, understanding one's range and its full potential ,understanding and perfecting different registers of voice and also using them in singing film songs ,learning voice cultu…  

Topics covered:
  • Recap of Voice gym modules
  • Voice culture warm ups
  • Creative
  • Octave Leaps
  • Voice Types and application
  • Introduction to Sufi
  • Introduction to Ghazal
  • Introduction to Carnatic Genre
  • Introduction to Hindustani Genre
  • Introduction to Medleys