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The student will be introduced to Carnatic exercises that aid in voice culture, understanding of different patterns of notes and detailed structure of Tala. Basic Laya exercises (alankarams), which form the basis of all mathematical calculations in music will be introduced. This concept of alankarams teaches students of the Sapta tala concept (7 tala) which will be followed by two more lyrical geethams in different tunes.

Course Format

Batch Size: 1

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week


1. Learning to sing the Melasthayi varisias (Higher octave exercises) in the Ragam Mohana and Sudha Saveri.

2. Learning the 7 sapta tala alankarams. Understand Tala Angas and Jathis.

3. Student will be introduced geethams in different Janya Ragas - Aarabhi and Saveri 

4. Student will be introduced to a simple krithi. 

5. Understanding the structural differences between geetham and krithi and trying to create something on your own. 

6. Creative exercises - Try to create own alankaram patterns in different jathis.


Student should have completed CV103 or should have knowledge of all basic exercises of Carnatic music, Geethams and should be familiar with a few basic ragas.



Melsthayi Varisais
  • Melsthayi Varsais in Mohanam
  • Melsthayi Varsais in Suddha saveri
  • Melsthayi Varsais in three speeds and akaram
  • Alankaram 1
  • Alankaram 2
  • Alankaram 3
  • Alankaram 4
  • Alankaram 5
  • Alankaram 6
  • Alankaram 7
  • Re Re Sree rama Chandra - Arabhi
  • Janaka sutha Kucha - Saveri
Creative excersises
  • Create swaras of Alankaras in different jathis
  • Decoding swaras and creating swara patterns in arabhi
  • Namaami Saraswathi

At the end of this course the student should be able to

-   Sing the Alankarams in all the 7 Talas in the first and second speed

-   Sing the Melasthayi Varisias in both the Ragas in all the three speeds

-   Sing the Saveri geetham and Aarabhi geetham in swara and sahithyam. Student should be able to sing the Arohana and Avarohana of both the Ragas and also learn about its raga Lakshanas

- Sing small patterns and phrases in both Saveri and Aarbhi

- Create one alankaram in a different jathi for any one of the Talas.