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Course duration
12 week(s)
Max class size
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Shankar Mahadevan Academy's mission and the journey of joy of music continues. In this course, the academy prepares contestants who are skilled and who desire to take part in various vocal competitions. The course focuses on improving voice quality not only based on the original composition, but also helps students in embellishing them to draw the best of emotions in a performance.


  • To prepare participants for a contest or contest auditions
  • To help participants with the selection of songs that is suitable to their pitch, voice range and personality
  • To help participants with embellishments possible for their selection of songs

 The course is best for students who have some years of training - formal or informal - in singing. The student is expected to have:

1. Basic knowlege of Swara and Laya

2. Ability to sing with Tanpura. Students are required to have a Shruti Box or a Tanpura software. 

3. Student needs to submit a recording of their performance

4. The Academy may request the student for an interview with our Curriculum Coordinator based on the pre-requisites submitted.


Singing Quality - I
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Rhythm
  • Breath Control
Singing Quality - II
  • Voice Control
  • Pronunciation
  • Emotions/Expression
  • Recording Quality
  • Track Quality
  • Sound Levels
Voice Maintenance
  • Relax vocal chords
  • Deep breathing exercise
  • Practice in right/comfortable pitch
Do's and Dont's
  • Place your microphone in right position
  • Pronounciation of words
  • Stand up while recording
  • Over using effects
  • Practice in front of people
  • Enjoy yourself/have fun
  • Be persistent
  • Open to criticism
Library of Songs
  • Hindustani Classical
  • Carnatic Classical
  • Hindi Movie Songs
Tips For Singers While Auditioning
  • Tips For Singers While Auditioning

At the end of the course, the students will

  • Know their best set of songs
  • Know their complete library of songs
  • Know the basics behind the songs in terms of the classical base as well as embellishments
  • Know how to take care of technical issues
  • Know how to maintain his/her voice
  • Know how to present themselves