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12 week(s)
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Student is introduced to Dhaatu varisais (alternate/jumping note patterns) and Melsthayi varisais (upper octave note exrecises) in two ragams and in all the three speeds. Two geethams each in a different raga will be taught. This level enhances the capability of the student to handle different speeds and introduces new methods of voice culture. The student will learn about the various exercises in the higher octave and will be introduced to new ragas and tunes through the Geethams. Introduction of two new Janya ragas through the geethams, and using those ragams in Basic abhayasa exercises will be covered.

Course Format

Batch Size: 3

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week.


1. Learn the Dhatu varisais and understand how patterns are created by jumping notes.

2. Attain more perfection of swarasthanas in different Ragas - Melakartha and Janya.

3. Attain flexibility  and improved range in voice and perfecting singing notes of the higher and middle octave through the Melasthayi varisais.

4. Introduction of a different scale or Raga. The practical application of swaras in compositions like Geethams, and using the new scale to practice swara patterns helps in gaining more control over the new raga and also swara.

5. The theory offered in this course will give them an in depth knowledge about Ragas and the formation of the 72 melakartha ragas. 

The student should have completed CV101 and CV102 with Shankar Mahadevan Academy or should have knowledge of basics of Carnatic music. Sing Sarali and Janta Varisais in atleast two ragams along with Geethams and Nottuswaras.

Dattu Varsais
  • Dhaatu varisais in Shankarabharanam - 3 speeds
  • Dhaatu varisais in Mayamalavagowla - 3 speeds
  • Aakaram practise
Melsthayi varisais ( higher octave excercises )
  • Melsthayi Varisais in Shankarabharanam - 3 speeds
  • Melsthayi Varisais in Mayamalavagowla - 3 speeds
  • Aakaram practise
  • Kereyaneeranu
  • Padumanabha
  • Vara veena
  • Aanalekara (Optional)
Sarali Varisais in different ragas
  • Sarali Varisais in Mohanam
  • Sarali varisais in Sudha Saveri (Optional)
  • Janaka Ragas and Janya Ragas
  • 72 Melakartha scheme

At the end of the course the student should be able to

-    Sing 2 Dhatu Varisais in Mayamalavagowla and Shankarabharanam in atleast 2 speeds with the       right thalam and in correct swarasthanas

-    Sing the first 3 melasthayi varisais reaching upto the higher octave M note with ease.

-    Sing the swara and sahithya of geetham Kereyaneeranu, Padumanabha and Vara Veena without assistance.

- Understand the different between Mohana Raga and Malahari

- Sing Basic exercises in Mohana Raga